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Havens of Hope mission is to create safe and nourishing orphanages throughout the world for displaced and abandoned children. It is our Vision to build orphanages along with schools that will provide those children with the basic skills they need to help them to develop into positive and productive adults. The schools will provide basic elementary through high school curriculum, as well as some basic arts, athletics, sciences and health programs. It is our desire that each child has the tools and opportunities available to them to prepare them and allow them to be able to enter a college upon their departure from the orphanage. Initially, it is our goal to begin building orphanages and schools in Africa because they have the have the largest numbers of orphaned children due to the AIDS epidemic and devastation of war. Phase II would then move this project into Asia, with phase III concentrating on Central and South America. It is estimated that by 2010 there will be over 42 million children orphaned in Africa due to the Aids Epidemic. (U.S. Aids, U.N. Aids and UNICEF) It is also estimated that there are currently over 70 million orphans in Asia with over 2 million of those children orphaned as a result of the HIV/AIDS virus. The time frames of which we are able to implement each phase will be largely in part to the donations and support needed to provide for these children.

In addition, Havens of Hope will partner with other organizations to ensure that each orphanage is visited by a Missions team each year to help provide basic medical dental and vision care for the children. Havens of Hope will also work diligently to raise scholarship funds for those children interested in pursuing a college degree.

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