Our Statement of Need
Forgotten Ones Foundation wants to create a better and brighter world and tomorrow for as many individuals as possible. This includes those who are economically challenged, the orphaned and abandoned children of the world, as well those who have made wrong choices in the past and are now trying to start anew. Too many people feel as though no one cares and their lives do not matter. This organization was formed to dispell that notion and demonstrate that people genuinely care by providing the most basic needs of employment, housing, healthcare and support.

We intend to provide formerly incarcerated individuals with a means to improve themselves and their lives. Provide safety, support and hope for the children who have no one to care for them. Assist the working poor of America to have safe, affordable housing to assist in rasing their families. Allow every child in the United States to receive basic medical care regardless of economic means.

Organizational History
Forgotten Ones Foundation was birthed out of a desire to combat the increasing number of minorities incarerated in prisons throughout the United States. It begin with the dream of forming a construction company that would teach a trade as well as life skills to reduce the number of socially, economically and systemically disadvantaged people from returning to the penal system. After a few years of prompting, motivation and the desire to do more than just talk, the foundation was formed by Michael and Tanisha Roberts.

The need to do something about the number of male prisoners and lack of fathers in the home was just the beginning. There has always been a deep desire to impact the lives of society’s most vulnerable, the children. Out of that desire to assist kids in a tangible and meaningful way, Havens of Hope, Benevolence Health Centers for Children and Affordable Living Communities was birthed. Each of these entities provides children with much needed resources whether it is safe housing, healthcare or a nurturing environment to grow and excel.

The fall of 2007 board members were recruited and the process of forming the Forgotten Ones Foundation began. The goal is to see this organization flourish into something that impacts lives for decades to come.